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Workaway - Nuestras puertas abiertas al mundo


Muy bien mi comentario lo voy a dejar en español porque me es mucho más fácil de esa manera! Son unos capos! Me quedé una sola semana porque tenía otros compromisos después, la pasé excelente! me reí mucho y todos se portaron demasiado bien, toda la familia de Adri/Yuliya e amigos, adoré estar en Córdoba haciendo nueva experiencia! Lo que si soy la única que no fue al campo jajaa pero mejor, me hace un pretexto para volver en el futuro! más vale que puedan poner un aro de basquet antes de que vuelva! los quiero mucho y está de más decir gracias porque la palabra no es lo suficientemente fuerte!


Thanks for all, dear family! I feel really happy to have participated in this project. It's the best opportunity to know about apiculture that I could ever expect! I felt very integrated both at work and free time. They were very clear about the tasks to do and I really appreciate so amazing information they shared about bees, honey cycle and their own experience in apiculture. It was incredible for me to go to the field and learn about bees there. I loved that they do the hole process, so it was perfect to understand how honey is produced. Work was easy and nice, always with good vibes, funny moments and good music. I've met other cool volunteers there... Also, I'm very grateful for the generosity and hospitality of this nice couple and all the family. They always helped me and shared great time and conversation...


The three weeks I spend at the home of Adri and Yulia just flew by! I loved the mixture of having your own space and privacy on the one hand and beeing naturally integrated in the family live including hours of great conversation. Adri and Yulia have an unterstanding of workaway which goes beyond the average: they took me to the family asado at the weekend "finca" and the house of his father, went out to watch traditional music and even went on a short holiday trip with me and the other workwaway. Furthermore, they gave me lots of advices for my upcoming travel plans and also drove me to the busstation at the end. I learned a lot about beekeeping and enjoyed working outside at the beehives. what I also liked about the workaway is that you have kind of a little routine and rhytem...


Wonderful place and wonderful people. In two weeks I managed to participate in many stages of beekeeping, from feeding bees, to extracting honey and packing it. Eat honey right from the honeycombs is a great pleasure. In three months of traveling through South America I got a great gift - communicate in native language. The accommodation are really good. I'm was a little acquainted with the way they do business in Argentina. If you like dogs, prepare yourself for the wonderful Nara) If I visit Cordoba again, I'll go into the spoon of honey or few litres)

Harriet & Matt

We spent two weeks with Yuliya and Adri and we did not want to leave! They are both extremely kind and helpful and we felt like members of their family straightaway. Most of our work was at their shop, repairing/painting colminas and ulcas but on two occasions they took us to work with bees directly which has been a highlight of our South American adventure. They taught us a lot about bees and honey and helped us with our Spanish. We cannot recommend them highly enough and hope that one day they come to NZ so that we can see them again. Muchas, muchas gracias nuestros amigos! PS we will try to send you the recipe for torta de zanahoria pronto!!


Perdón por el comentario que llega muy tarde ! Hice un voluntariado que duró cerca de tres semanas. Fue una de mis experiencias más increíble... Desde el principio, Adri y Yuliya hicieron todo para facilitar la integración. El trabajo fue muy interesante: no tuve mucho conocimiento en la apicultura así que aprendí mucho !! Su familia tambien fue muy agradable, mi primer asado fue muuuuuyyy rico 😀 Y felicidades a Yuliya por tu comida excelente. Una vez más, le agradezco por todo ! Tengo muchos recuerdos lindos :-*


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